TAMUCT Achieve Scholarship

Requirements: The TAMUCT Achieve Scholarship may be awarded to incoming undergraduate students who are transferring to Texas A&M University – Central Texas (TAMUCT) for their first semester with a minimum 3.0 transfer GPA and enroll in a minimum of 9 semester credit hours at TAMUCT. Renewal awards may be received for up to five (5) additional consecutive semesters (summers optional) provided the recipient maintains enrollment each semester in 9 semester credit hours at TAMUCT and a minimum institutional and cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Value: The maximum value of the award is $6,000 available at a rate of $1,000 per semester for 6 consecutive semesters or until graduation (whichever occurs earlier). Students may choose not to attend summer semesters. The scholarship is forfeited for failure to meet requirements during any long semester.

$1000 / semester